Friday, December 11, 2009

Back from the dead

back from Koala Lumpur! meeting up with the mates, the shopping, the food, the chitty bangs, late night seshs, neubeats everything = hevock hevock hevock!
can't believe i only have 3 days then its back to KL and onwards to BALI! i am loving the Post A's!
meeting my singapore lovelies on sunday, ooh whee plenty to do plenty to do
been a while since i've had a drink, i do so hate the rash the nausea,.. please remind me the next time to stay far far away from the bottle, so not yummy to the senses (for me at least!)
i enjoyed KL and everything but it's so nice to be home with my dogs :) i am showing my well-missed bed some love.. more in the morning but oh so many errands to run!
till then xxx

Thursday, December 3, 2009



Sunday, November 29, 2009

the time is always now

sorry for the lack of updates. i wonder if you can be lazy and busy at the same time! mm anyhoos if you guys rrly miss me that much, i am usually here 'cause one-liners are so much faster to execute. when i start blogging i feel like i'm never going to stop and i often forget my full stops and commas etc, so it might get a lil messy esp when i don't feel too lucid, like right now. omg need to sleeeeeep leaving now love y;all

ooh guess who's back! now that we're all together i just. cannot. wait. to. rumbleeee! after PAPER 4 that is, which i feel is going to be a disaster. yikes!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

rotting away the days until i go back to college for my last few lectures, i just want this to end already. so badly
which explains my lack of inspiration to blog,.. life has been so dull recently. lots of retail therapy not to make me happy per se, but at the very least.. somewhere in tht direction. dot dot dot more whining
but! funfun outing with the girls yesterday, to scout for great buys @hajilane (which was an utter failure, cause modparade's great depression sale was just that. depressing. still managed to find some stuff tho @The Blog Shop and i somehow got a $3 discount :>

you know in Sims (the game whr you control people and make them do stuff) usually your sim would have that sidebar? with energy, hunger, hygiene and whatnot meters? i feel like my social meter is depleting right towards the red zone... thank god for fitnessfreak_91 and kynababy
i need need need elephant times! (inside thing, not some perverted bestiality fetish, ok?)

maybe a movie on the apocalypse will cheer me up tmr, hmm. till then xxx keep safe guys

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baby says hi
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Friday, November 20, 2009


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We will be victorious

too much time spent on neopets and sgflea = no time for twitter, fb and blogger! besides that, trying to diligently cram as much as i can into this brain of mine, which obviously isn't very successful due to my (1) inherent poor concentration level which is going from bad to worse as A levels is coming to an End! (2) current obsession with becoming the next neomillionaire (3) and because i'm so depressed about not being able to focus on my books i am shopping like xiaxue (who brings in a 5 digit pay from blogging alone, d'ya know!)

this is so unhealthy... but it feels real grand y'all ^^ except for the late nights before a paper when i'd be struggling like crazy to focus, most of the time ending up unsuccessful (with the books) poor$$$ in reality (massive blogshop spamming) but RICH IN NEOPOINTSSSS

other than that, econs paper one today was the Horror and i miss all my barney friends + our XX moments ♥ ♥
ooh can't wait for loverboi to be back xxx


Sunday, November 15, 2009

childhood memories

i revived my Neopets account today.. ^^ i know with A lvls and all not over i don't really deserve it but hey its a good de stress method and its FREE (so chinese) and adorable!
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so i bought a Neohouse in Faerieland ♥ and the furniture starter pack i got just happens to be all purple stuff! SO NAISE. ok granted a lil dull, its not the perfect shade of purple and freaky but now my theme going to be so much easier to achieve weeee
shucks, decorating has got to wait, i just remembered its my H2's im taking this week! eek. have a great sunday guys xxx
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